and interpretation


Professional knowledge-based translation and interpretation services, which give our customers the edge.


– a network of several hundred of the best simultaneous interpreters in the world
– experience at the highest level: our interpreters work for Presidents and CEOs
– we optimise our interpreter teams in line with the specifications of each assignment

Remote interpretation – keeping costs down

– remote interpretation via secure encrypted connexion
– cost effective – save on travel and face-to-face meetings and replace them with video conferences
– meetings can be easily recorded and archived for future reference


– with cutting edge IT solutions, we ensure high quality and substantial cost reduction
– multiple years of experience using non-European languages (Cantonese/Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, etc.)
– we are fully capable of accepting large projects at short notice

Conference interpretation equipment

– we deliver and install equipment in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic States and the UK
– our experienced engineers guarantee faultless performance
– we have the capacity to handle large events up to a few thousand participants

Professional support in negotiations with foreign partners

– we can develop negotiation strategies which take account of your partner’s cultural background and national customs
– we recruit advisors and translators/interpreters who have a perfect command of your partner’s language and culture
– we provide multilingual back-office facilities and negotiating document handling


– start to finish execution of localisation projects: project preparation involves the client, the relevant tools are then selected and configured and content is translated in compliance with applicable standards
– localisation experts consulted
– full range of localised content: software, games, Internet pages, multimedia materials, etc.
– multilingual projects which focus on the cultural specificity of the target language

Areas of Specialisation

Politics & Corporate

– translation/interpretation at high level political and business meetings
– translation/interpretation at board of directors/management board meetings
– translation of political speeches and statements
– translation/interpretation for foreign delegations

Business Development

– translation of business plans
– translation of marketing strategies
– interpretation of business meetings
– translation/interpretation at trade negotiations
– due diligence translation/interpretation
– interpretation at focus group sessions
– translation of HR documents; interpretation at HR meetings
– translation of job descriptions
– translation of in-house working rules
– translation of in-house corporate publications
– translation/interpretation support for quality assurance processes

Building & Industry

– translation of construction documentation
– translation of ISO standards and processes
– translation of user manuals for industrial plant equipment
– translation/interpretation in the area of energy engineering (coal, gas, nuclear, renewable)
– translation/interpretation in the area of energy transmission and distribution
– translation/interpretation in the area of flue-gas desulfurisation and CCS – translation/interpretation
– translation of industrial network operation manuals
– translation of power systems engineering documents
– translation of technical specifications and standards
– translation of technology descriptions
– translation of technological parameters descriptions
– translation of product catalogues
– translation of tenders and tender agreements
– Occupational Safety and Health – translation/interpretation

Finance & Insurance

– translation of financial statements
– translation of auditors’ opinions and reports
– translation of tax advisors’ opinions and reports
– translation of accounting procedures
– translation of insurance policies, certificates, insurance and reinsurance agreements
– translation of general terms and conditions of insurance
– translation of security issue prospectuses
– translation of security and derivative trading agreements
– translation of investor updates and reports

IT, Science & Technology

– translation of IT system specifications
– translation of procurement documentation in IT and ICT projects
– localisation of Internet pages
– localisation of user interfaces
– electronic payment systems specifications translation
– translation of bank card systems
– telecommunications – systems, equipment, software translation/interpretation
– translation of user guides
– agronomy and agriculture translation/interpretation
– biology and chemistry translation/interpretation


– translation of applications for registration of medicines
– translation of packaging leaflets
– translation/interpretation in quality assurance processes in Pharmacy
– translation of GMPs
– translation of pharmaceutical standards
– interpretation at pharmaceutical training sessions
– interpretation in “value assurance” audits
– translation/interpretation for product development
– translation of manufacturing and packaging descriptions


– we handle all types of legal translation and interpretation projects
– translation of contracts, agreements and other legal documents
– sworn, certified and court translation/interpretation
– translation of labour law documentation
– translation/interpretation support in judicial proceedings in civil law, criminal law, inheritance, adoptions, damages, etc.

About BTCS

The Company was founded in the mid-1990s. In 2006 it was restructured and renamed as BTCS Sp. z o.o. We have over 20 years of experience, have translated thousands of pages and interpreted hundreds of meetings and conferences.

High level clients

presidents, prime ministers, parliaments and international corporations

Operational excellence

Full control over every step. Each assignment is valuable to us. Planning is key.

Quality and Confidentiality

Quality control and confidentiality based on organised and repetitive processes. NDAs with indemnity clauses are signed by all in-house staff and subcontractors.
Industrial Security Clearance issued by the ABW (Polish Home Security Agency)

Cutting edge technology

Maximum leverage from CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation). Cost and quality optimisation strategy based on new technologies.

Marek Albin (Chairman of the Board)

– 1990-1991 Interpreters School, Mons, Belgium
– 1994 MA in Romance Languages, University of Warsaw
– 1996 MA in English Studies, University of Warsaw
– 1997 MSc in Banking and Finance, Warsaw School of Economics
– 2005 EU interpreter accreditation
– 2006 founder of BTCS and Chairman of the Board
– 2007 sworn translator and interpreter of English and French
– 2010 AIIC Member
– 2013 ABW/NATO/EU Security Clearance (level „Secret”)


Radio Interview with BTCS CEO Marek Albin

Listen to the radio interview with BTCS CEO Marek Albin, guest in the radio show “Tłumacz/ka” hosted by Tomasz Kwaśniewski, at the news talk station TOK FM.

Photo credits: Artur Rozmysł




Simultaneous Interpretation of the Speech by the President of France, François Hollande

BTCS CEO Marek Albin’s simultaneous interpretation of the speech given by the President of France, François Hollande in the Sejm of the Republic of Poland (excerpts 5:15-14:22 and 25:17-29:17).

Photo credits: Krzysztof Białoskórski





“As our regular translation provider, BTCS has always delivered accurate translation services, often meeting very demanding deadlines.”

Susanne van Verre
Marketing & Communication Manager
D-AT-CH, Poland, Russia, BeNeLux Region
Verifone GmbH

“Translation services delivered by BTCS always cater to our corporate needs. Top confidentiality that our provider has been ensuring throughout our long-standing cooperation is particularly noteworthy. This is why we view BTCS as a reliable, trustworthy and recommendable partner.”

Łukasz Sas-Topolnicki
Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Management Board
Castorama Polska Sp. z o.o.

“BTCS has been translating for us in an ever-expanding array of languages; they have delivered an unprecedented combination of the reliable with the reactive topped up by know-how.”

Agata Kontrym-Woś
Sales Director, Secure Transactions
Gemalto Polska Sp. z o.o.

“BTCS is our trusted and reliable partner in translation. We appreciate their effective support, even with atypical language pairs.”

Irena Dwornicka
Marketing Specialist in Poland and Russia
Lectra Deutschland GmbH Sp. z o.o.

“We use BTCS’s translation services on a regular basis. We are very satisfied with their quality level as well as their specialised technical and legal insight, so much needed in our industry.”

Uwe Haertel
VP Sales Central Europe
Gemalto GmbH


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